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Tunda’s younger sister surprises many after sharing a video hanging out at Diamond Platnumz Madale home

January 17, 2018 at 08:30
Tunda's younger sister surprises many after sharing a video hanging out at Diamond Platnumz Madale home

Diamond Platnumz Madale home is now open to all his side chicks. A few weeks ago when Zari was on an interview; she revealed that Diamond Platnumz confessed that he brought Hamisa home to the paparazzi.

Well, this is all true as he seems to have turned his matrimonial home to a hotel. This is now where he takes all his ladies.

As reported by popular Tanzanian tabloid, Tunda’s younger sister was spotted hanging out at the Madale home; thanks to a video she shared on her Instagram.

On the video, the minor tells off haters talking about her. She goes on to add that she is on nobody’s level; as she is seen parading the Madale home from the outside to the living room.



Zari allegedly blocks her man

With the drama moving like fast wind, Zari is now said to have blocked Diamond Platnumz on all her social media pages.

Below is a screenshot of how she reacted after being told Tunda was warning her bed.





  1. Zari has lost hope in the union,Diamond is untamable

  2. This relationship is just too much

  3. These ladies want a piece of the cake n will do anything to have it

  4. Tunda knows what she is doing

  5. If i was Zari,i would just call off the relationship

  6. OMG!!!!!! is it a relationship or a sort of movie wen I think about it I guess Diamond is trying to copy his role model#Chris Brown

  7. Zari is not sleeping,
    Big plans ahead

  8. Simba unajua vnye nakutambua uc niaibishe plzzzz…

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  10. Asshole chibu will end up where he started, mungu amempa utajiri na instead ashukuru anamkufuru….atarudi mbagala…

  11. Marwa nyamranga : January 18, 2018 at 10:53 am

    Mr.simba unatuangusha mashabiki wako kila siku wewe na watoto wakike acha hizo kaka

  12. Marwa nyamranga : January 18, 2018 at 10:55 am

    Kila siku wewe tu kk unajichafua

  13. Diamond hajafanya raha so just give him time to do whatever his doing then he’ll settle any man in his shoe’s Will do de same having money what do you expect

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