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Tuwache chuki, let´s support each other – Rayvanny´s plea to bongo artists [Interview]

December 04, 2019 at 13:27
Tuwache chuki, let´s support each other - Rayvanny´s plea to bongo artists [Interview]

WCB´s current shining star signee, Rayvanny has opened up on a chunk concerning the music art of Bongo Flava.

The bongo star revealed that Tanzania has been blessed with talent. Not only taking the lead as a country, but for the East African region as well.

However, Vanny Boy stated that what tears them apart is jealousy over each other´s success, instead of promoting each other.

Unity is what Tanzanian artists are grappling with, according to the ¨Naogopa¨ singer.

Rayvanny speaks regarding bongo artists

Secondly, he pointed out fact that many bongo artists have opened doors for the current thriving music market.

Rayvanny believes that staging performances on global platforms and making collabos with international artists, is a plus for Tanzania as a country.

The likes of Alikiba, Diamond and even Harmonize who have broken the norm in the most controversial of ways, but ended up being pioneers in certain areas.

Bongo superstars, (from left) Diamond, Ali Kiba and Harmonize

Speak of getting on stage chest-open, to an entourage, to a big crew…you name it! Someone had to start all this trends before everyone dived right in.

Rayvanny shared all these, speaking to Tanzania´s ¨Bongo 5¨. Watch below.






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