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TV news anchor Doreen Gatwiri back to employment weeks after being clobbered and divorcing rich hubby 

March 22, 2018 at 10:20
TV news anchor Doreen Gatwiri back to employment weeks after being clobbered and divorcing rich hubby 

Former Ebru TV news anchor Doreen Gatwiri  is back online barely a month after she had a huge disagreement with her husband, Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi.

On Facebook yesterday, the sizzling beauty shared that she’s been out of social media lately because of issues currently surrounding her life but she’s now ready to reemerge and move on with her life despite what rumors are suggesting.

Starting a foundation

Gatwiri also shared that she has officially started a foundation and that fans should expect her on TV soon. Early February, she reported her man for domestic violence and was forced to nurse several injuries after her hubby attacked her.

Doreen Gatwiri

Doreen Gatwiri

Hii wapenzi, long time. So much has been happening so I took some time off social media, I’ll be back very soon and remember I’ll be launching my charity Foundation soon. However, I want to say Thank you for the far support and over 95K followers on Twitter & Facebook in a span of my 2 years experience in Media. NOTE: I personally have 2 Social Media Pages FACEBOOK & TWITTER and both “Doreen Gatwiri” See people, You can never have control over Life in the limelight especially people’s opinion about you. There are so many fan pages with different agendas which I’ve no control of but I appreciate the love & critism.. which doesn’t change who I am. Mimi ni mti uliopandwa na Mungu hivyo basi haiwezekani kuukausha au kuukata.

She added:

Otherwise, I can’t wait to be back on your screens soon. #teamdoreengatwiri Mko wapi? I want to share some early lunch of 500 bob each for the first 20 super fans of Doreen Gatwiri. 4 Answers!! 1. Do you know who she is? 2. What she does? 3. Her profession & the university she attended? & 4. What her Charity Foundation is all about? Give a brief description on the Comment section and state what you like about me & drop your MPESA number here. The 1st 20 fans with correct answers get the lunch ASAP. I’ll post the lunch right here. Twende kazi”





  1. she is a presenter,anchor

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