Uganda´s recently silenced young rapper now scoops himself a scholarship

April 16, 2019 at 11:01
Uganda´s recently silenced young rapper now scoops himself a scholarship

If you´re up-to-date with the East African music scene, you have definitely come across a 7-year old rapper who risked jail-term from no-nonsense, Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni.

Fresh Kid, as his stage name, is out producing music while President Museveni and his government thinks it is a waste of time and abusing child right to education.

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The Uganda´s President had forewarned him, if he attempted to proceed with his music-making, he would get caged behind a juvenile prison´s bars.

Bountiful harvest

However, the 7-year old boy´s effort and courage in such a competitive field bore him massive reap after securing himself a full primary school scholarship.

This comes in barely a fortnight after his executive warning.

Friday, 12th April 2019, saw Uganda´s mogul, Rajiv Ruparelia, schedule a meeting with the talented primary kid rapper.

The result? A full primary school scholarship.

Fresh Kid´s parents had now better start re-budgeting for their young talent´s fee allocation.

Rajiv´s online post reads:

Today I met a young man called Fresh Kid.

I was moved by his ambition being only 7-years old.

I would love to see him become a guide and inspiration to many young people out there.

Hence, Ruparelia Foundation is presenting this young man with a full scholarship.

This is from the Ruparelia Foundation to go to Kampala Parents School.

This comes barely a week after Uganda´s Minister for Youth and Children Affairs, barred the young rapper from showcasing his performance.

Uganda´s Minister for Youth and Children Affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi issues stern warning to Fresh Kid

According to Minister Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, the young kid was going into child labour by dumping school and investing in music.

Fresh Kid had imprisonment awaiting him, were he to retract from resuming his early studies.

However, the female minister gave it a second thought and came to an agreement with the young talent´s management that they should give both a trial.

Comment section

Followers hail the Ruparelia Founder for his philanthropic move:

That´s great bro.


Congrats brother…keep up the good work!


Wow thx may the Lord reward you.




Well done Rajiv


Great effort well done Rajiv… this young has talent and indeed he needs education.


Thank you Rajiv and God bless you and your family!




  1. Wow!Nice

    • Look at the effects of rap and hip hop on American black culture and ask yourself if this is good for Uganda’s society? In his pictures he is posing like he us pointing a gun, is that the kind of role model Uganda needs? Whose children will be inspired to shoot each other in the street, the children of his producer or the children of young vulnerable black men and women? Gangster rap is destructive.

  2. Yeah.
    That was quite uplifting.

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