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“Ukiniacha nitapagawa,” Rally Jones confesses to Mama Dangote

May 22, 2020 at 17:29
“Ukiniacha nitapagawa,” Rally Jones confesses to Mama Dangote

Diamond Platnumz step-dad, Rally Jones nicknamed ´Ben 10´ has professed his undying love for the singer´s mother, Sandra.

He believes their love is inseparable and as to whether masses think he has been bewitched or not, is none of his business.

Also known as Uncle Shamte, the young man and Sandra have had their bad times but none of it ever broke the chains of love that has bound the two.

Lovebirds, Rally Jones and Sanura Kassim

A love that proved too strong for any wind to blow off or for any raging storm to carry away.


During his recent interview with Wasafi media, Diamond´s step-dad insisted he had married Mama Dangote for love and nothing else.

He however appreciated the popularity that came with their union, confessing that if Sandra ever leaves him, he will loose his mind.

I am her husband. I have married her and I love her. I have been told a lot since I started being with her. Through her, I am now known. If I leave you, I surely will have a brain problem. She is the only woman I have ever married and I will not marry another one. She also had never been married before me.

Rally Jones

This comes having just defended Diamond´s mom against trolls that she was the cause of Diamond´s unstable relationships.

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Jones declared to always have her back, caring less about what the world thinks of him, as long as Sandra is the love of his life.

I stand with my wife. Whether they say I have been bewitched. Wewe ukinionea huruma kama nimerogwa basi nitoe. Ukishindwa kunitoa basi uchawi wa mama Naseeb mkali. (If you think I have been bewitched, then come rescue me but if you end up defeated, then I´ll admit mama Naseeb´s witchcraft is powerful)

Bewitched couple, Mama Dangote and Uncle Shamte




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