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“Umoja wetu, ndo nguvu yetu” Rayvanny pushes for peace talks in WCB following Harmonize’s exit [interview]

August 22, 2019 at 08:11
"Umoja wetu, ndo nguvu yetu" Rayvanny pushes for peace talks in WCB following Harmonize's exit [interview]

Wasafi artist, Rayvanny calls for peace talks in the Wasafi family, urging fans to avoid mocking Harmonize.

Vanny Boy believes the incitement going on on social media against the former Wasafi artist, Harmonize might lead to the conclusion that WCB is jeering the tension.

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However, according to the ‘Tetema’ singer, Wasafi artistes are like family, they love each other and have come from far. It is their unity and love that leads them to thrive and get the love from fans.

Furthermore, he believes that the Wasafi management cherishes their artistes and vice versa. However, he urgently points out the need for the Wasafi family to make peace and settle differences if any exist.

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Because without the necessary love and unity, Wasafi will no longer be what it has grown to be, it will grow weaker and artistes will no longer be able to thrive like they are.

Therefore, both the management and Wasafi artistes should reconsider their positions urgently.

Furthermore, he urges fans to stop sharing the negative energy towards Harmonize because it is totally unnecessary and he could end up thinking WCB is behind it all.

Lakini mi naamini si ni familia na tunapendana sana. Hakuna msanii anatoka, hakuna msanii anasema ati sijui anachukia msanii au ofisi inamchukia msanii. Nataka kuona tuko vizuri, nataka kuona tunaendelea. Na kwa wale ambao wanaamini kwamba hawa jamaa wakigombana, wataloose nguvu, mi nafkiri kwamba wanajidanganya. Kwa sababu si tunapendana, na si ni kitu kimoja. Ikitokea ata msanii katoka, ndani ya moyo wake anaipenda Wasafi. Ata management wakisema, huyu msanii hatumtaki, bado ndani ya moyo wao wanampenda. Lakini umoja wetu, ndo nguvu yetu.


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