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“Una mtoto mwenye sura mbaya” Diamond Platnumz side chick insults Wasafi records lead dancer’s 3 year old daughter

January 31, 2018 at 16:33
"Una mtoto mwenye sura mbaya" Diamond Platnumz side chick insults Wasafi records lead dancer's 3 year old daughter

Tunda might have made the biggest mistake of her life after insulting one of Diamond Platnumz dancers. Well it all began after she was asked to pay for the liquor she got from Aunt Ezekiel, the lady married to Wasafi records lead dancer.

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At first the two ladies insulted each other before the dancer decided to intervene asking Tunda to stop claiming she had paid him the money.

Tunda insults Tunda

Things got abit nasty that Mose Iyobo the dancer was forced to throw shade at Tunda for insulting his wife. With this, the lady once more decided to engage the singer where she went on to insult his 3 year old daughter.

From Tunda’s post, she went on to call baby Cookie the ugliest baby seen in the Tanzanian entertainment industry. This post was however pulled down after a few minutes as fans joined in to call her out for being insensitive and childish.

However, looking at both Tunda’s and baby Cookies Instagram page, there is no doubt that the 3 year old is more popular compared to the socialite!





  1. This will end badly

  2. These TZ ladies can abuse you until you cry and regret

  3. She can say that simply forgetting she is a woman and also can get an attractive looking child to her she isn’t mature and time will show her karma is a bitch it will shut her up. Na huyu diamond really he has lots of issues with women if it was her mother angeona mzazi wake awe Na sandles mingi?

  4. TZ ladies can insult you hadi ukonde ????

  5. Tunda is forgetting that shes pregnant ??????

  6. Aiseh that not fair let’s Tunda be black in colour then to be compared with cookie ….Surely.. Her body colout ndo ina mchanganya…..???????????

  7. Don’t inter un angel in your controversy.Tunda Mungu anakuona na hajakosea kukuumba mrembo. Don’t use your cuteness to ignore the beauty of other. Kabla hujafa hujaumbika my dia? Na wewe ni mwanamke labda Mungu akunyime uzazi. Never know nini utakuja kajizaa mara paahh! You bring to us ka Monkey.

  8. upuzi

  9. women say the most painful, ugly,annoying things when they are mad..Each guy m sure has experienced, they should have never dragged that sweet baby angel in their messed up lives..

  10. Tunda ana miguu like toothpicks cheki ati kookie alivyo mrembo kazeeka tunda msenge akalale diamond ako anadate na warembo si yeye tunda kachoka

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