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Unbelievable! Comedian Terence Creative before the fame and money (Photo)

January 23, 2020 at 16:06
Unbelievable! Comedian Terence Creative before the fame and money (Photo)

Terence Creative started off at the bottom like most celebrities. He proved this by sharing a never before seen photo acting from his acting days!

According to Terence, only he has come this far through the grace of God and looking at the photo we can understand why he says this.

Terence with his wife and daughter

Being on a Thursday, he shared the photo as a throwback just to show his fans how far he has come. He went on to caption the photo saying;

This is me acting as a Congolese. Maboko Likolo was my stage name.


Life on the streets and smoking addiction

During this time, Terence was still a chain smoker who thought his only way of being creative is by smoking cigarettes.

Speaking to Word Is about his addiction, Mr Terence opened up saying;

One year ago I was a smoke slave. I couldn’t function without smoke, I kept it to my mind that I needed to smoke to be more creative. Later on I realised it was just a myth. I prayed to God and said to myself I will quit. I prayed and told God to free me ’cause I’m his child, and he did.

Terence Creative

Apart from this he also lived on the streets as a street boy as he tried to make money for his food. Terence says his mother passed away when he was 9 years leaving him behind with his 3 brothers to be raised by their grandmother. Terence told Word Is;

I am the lastborn of three brothers. Our mum died when I was nine years. We grew under my grandmother’s house that was too small to accommodate by brothers plus my uncles. At times I thought I could walk out and go look for food. That is when I became a street kid for seven years.





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