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Unbelievable! Never seen before photo of young Maureen Waititu before the fame and money!

December 04, 2020 at 15:36
Unbelievable! Never seen before photo of young Maureen Waititu before the fame and money!

Maureen Waititu hit the headlines thanks to her old YouTube videos with ex, Frankie Just Gym it. Back then, these two were the ultimate couple goals that everyone looked up to.

However what many didn’t know is that they also had issues like any other couple; but being celebrities, of course these are some of things they couldn’t show or talk about in public.

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Exes Maureen Waititu and Frankie

Unfortunately despite trying to keep their family affairs on the low; late last year fans got to learn about Frankie Just Gym it’s affair with Corazon Kwamboka. What we didn’t know is that the two had even already started a family as they had a son (Taiyari) on the way already.

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Maureen Waititu in denial

Now that Frankie had clearly moved on, his ex Muareen on the other hand struggled to move on before Frankie’s family decided to do away with her. Speaking about this, Maureen Waititu went on to reveal that she had been requested to vacate her home – now that Frankie wasn’t living under the same roof.

Of course Maureen had to learn the hard way just like every other single mum; and looking at her now – it’s evident that the last blow did wake her up from expecting Frankie to come back.

The young stunning Maureen

Anyway just to prove how much she has grown over the years; Miss Waititu recently unveiled a never seen before photo of herself from her modeling days.

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To caption the old photo, Mama boys went on to write;

Young Maureen Waititu

#tbt🔙📸 To one of my first runway gigs with Samantha bridal. Reflecting back, I was carefree, focused and honestly, life was so simple. The only thing I used to worry about the most was my grades in law school.

Fast forward, I am grateful for all the things that have taken place in my life, the good, the bad and most importantly, I look forward to the journey ahead of me and the woman I am becoming and to fulfil the purpose that God put me here on earth for 🙏🏾. #GraceForPurpose




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