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Until next time! Kate actress bids fans goodbye as popular Ma’Empress show airs its last

March 26, 2020 at 11:52
Until next time! Kate actress bids fans goodbye as popular Ma'Empress show airs its last

Among Kenya’s most watched shows, Ma’Empress closed shop yesterday, with their season finale aired just Wednesday the 25th of March.

A TV drama series that revolves around five women, each with their own struggles but their strong friendship, bonds them into one.

It is through the show that various issues affecting women and the society at large, are addressed.

The show premiered on Maisha Magic East barely six months ago and just as the fan started, it is no more.

Last night, the show aired it’s last that tallies as it’s 52nd episode for Season One.

TV actress, Catherine Kamau who stands as one of the show’s cast members as the act ‘Eve’, publicly acknowledged the sad news sharing:

😭😭 it was a great run, I have no idea how I carried ‘Eve ‘as heavy🤰🏽 as I was …

To her online fam, fans, crew, fellow cast-mates and all who stood with them, she expressed deep gratitude.

I sincerely thank you , our fans for the love and support. Bila nyinyi hakuna sisi ! @philittv crew thank you for being so patient and understanding through the journey, my fellow cast mates you are all amazing . @maishamagiceast thank you for the platform 🙏🏿

Ma’Empress cast member, Kate actress

Announcing the exit:

#Maempress takes a bow tonight ASANTENI SANA . 

Show’s snippet

Among the cast’s crew are: Neomi Nganga as Renne, Brenda Mwai as Tasha, Nyokabi Macharia as Zawadi and Minne Kariuki as Crystal.

Mixed reactions

The announcement drove fans to tears admitting that it was indeed one local show that stood out with characters of exceptional talent.

nyamaicynthia Nooooooo ! And the way I enjoying watching how your tv hubby was playing you . 😢😢😢 I absolutely loved all the characters each was unique and very interested just like a girl’s squad in real life.


nashsamo I got Showmax specifically to watch Maempress. Tasha is my most favorite character.. Thank you, Thank you!! Keep us entertained.


k.i.r.i.x.r.u.t.h.y ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this was one of a kind I loved it every day….. All characters for me were amazing each brought it out very well….until next time


deeshiroh 😢😢 atleast kareunion with zawadi before it’s over. I loved the bond you girls had on this programme. Y’all were my favourite characters.


usarime Are u serious what am I supposed to do with my life without Renee na crystal


mimi_sassy_collection Mi ntawezaje nkikosa show yenu 😭


6locc.fetty Wah😪


eumburu Each character executed their role very well. I liked nyinyi wote . You entertained us! Asanteni!


bilhahnjeri Maempress was a dope show loved u all we will miss you


mary_gachuche Just like that yaani? Just like that yaani? Anyway I loved crystal her facials were everything and lately I appreciated Ken. That guy acted! Give us another.


keshie.joe Noooooo, you just cant🤦‍♀️





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