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Vanessa Mdee and Mimi Mars lovingly mark their late Father´s birthday

July 05, 2019 at 12:45
Vanessa Mdee and Mimi Mars lovingly mark their late Father´s birthday

Vanesa Mdee and her sister, Mimi Mars pen heartwarming messages to their late dad on his birthday.

The bongo songbird lost her dad 12 years ago but still believes he built a pillar in his children´s lives that make them who they are.

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If he were still alive, he would be turning a year older but that does not stop his children from celebrating him in absencia.

Up on social media, the Tanzanian RnB singer expresses:

Happy heavenly birthday dad 💜

Her younger sister too, Mimi Mars showed love for their late dad sharing:

Forever my KING💜 Happy Birthday Daddy! Keep watching over us @gaure @vanessamdee@meerah_ashash1992 @ellemissbelleAdam! We need it🙏🏾


Vee Money has time and again being criticized for failing to publicly mourn loved ones and friends who are no more but she defends her stand.

According to her people´s deaths are not be publicized like it is for fun, it ought to be respected.

Everyone goes through a myriad of sad times and it is not like anyone´s in particular is more important than the other´s.

She also recalls her late sister, the first child of her late father who passed on 4 years ago, something she never told the world about till date.

Adding that this is because that is how she does her stuff, mourn her loved ones in silence.

Further articulating that only God can bring comfort in the lives of the bereaved who need to find happiness in the long run.

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Niliona nipotezee lakini naomba niseme once and for all. Misiba na mazishi ni kama ibada, ukishiriki sio habari ya kutangaza kama tamasha. Nimeona watu wanataka kunishikilia bango kama mtu asiyehudhuria au asiyeshiriki katika ibada hizi. Kama unataka kufaham nilikuwepo katika misiba yote ya hivi karibuni lakini sikupenda kutangaza uwepo wangu kutokana na kupitia misiba mizito katika maisha yangu kama watu wengine wengi. Siku ya kesho itakuwa miaka 12 tangu nimpoteze baba yangu mzazi na mwaka huu ni miaka mi nne tangu nimpoteze Dada yangu ( mtoto wa kwanza wa baba) i bet you didn’t even know, why? Because I prefer to silently pray for the family and loved ones, I’ve found that only God can bring some relief in these situations. Mtu akifiwa anapitia mambo mengi na anahitaji faraja. Nadhani nimeeleweka. Asanteni na Mungu awatunze wote na familia zenu.

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Here are some vintage photos of the family together.

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