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Vanessa Mdee says ‘Moyo’ unanikosea

July 02, 2019 at 19:53
Vanessa Mdee says 'Moyo' unanikosea

Vanessa Mdee says ‘Moyo’ unanikosea in her new audio. The single comes in a few days after her Collaboration with Jux. The Tanzanian singer and songwriter has been doing well in her music career.

Moyo is a song that talks about how the heart is leading her into doing things. I’d say that it is like the head is not thinking or functioning anymore.

Vanessa went through a nasty break up recently. Something that will probably think it is the break up that inspired the song. You know matters of the heart.

You will feel the emotions in the song when she says that the heart is offending her even though she spends time with it. Could this be symbolic?

Audio Production

Vanessa Mdee is known to do some good work. It is no doubt that Moyo is not an exception. It has been brought out in the best way possible. Also, you’ll realize that the song is calming and slow, by this I mean that sound is well balanced and in line with the beats.

The lady is talented and the producer didn’t fail her. Moyo has been Produced by S2Kizzy from Pluto Records.

Delivery of Moyo

In addition to the good production, Vanessa has delivered this song in the best way possible. Moyo lyrics are well organized and easy to sing along. She has done so well and has brought out the emotions fully something that explains what the heart is doing to her.

There are lines that I wouldn’t want you to miss;

Moyo unanikosea,Moyo unanikosea,Nakaa na wewe, natembea na wewe,Nalala na wewe, bado unanikosea. I know you feel the vibe in this stanza. I know you also feel like the heart is offending you at times.
Also, in this line;Umeniadhibu chozi tiba yangu (we haya),Umeziharibu zote hisia zangu (si sawa);Feels more like a heartbreak here.
Moyo mbona umenitoa chambo ooh In addition to that message, Vanessa has used rhyme in this song. It gives it a new different feel. Also, it is through the rhyme and repetition that emphasizes on the title  of the song Moyo.
Last but not least, I’d say that the audio is dope and I give the song a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to Moyo.





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