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Vera Sidika and fiance in trouble for featuring teenage model in new song

October 16, 2020 at 20:02
Vera Sidika and fiance in trouble for featuring teenage model in new song

Apparently Vera Sidika and her bae Brown Mauzo have found themselves in trouble after allowing a teenage model to feature in Mauzo’s latest project.

According to SDE who highlighted the story this evening, the girl’s mum has come out to complain about her daughter working with the two. This is apparently because the girl is 19 years and was paid Sh5,000; which is a small amount considering the money they will make from the video.

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Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo

The said mother went on to complains saying;

Is Sh5,000 what my daughter is worth? Isn’t this an insult to her and the entire family after using her badly? We can’t accept this and I am taking legal action or whatever else I deem right as this has brought shame to my family and compromised my daughter’s reputation among peers. I have been calling Vera to get an explanation on this but she has not been responding. My next move will get their attention,

Vera Sidika speaks

However according to Vera Sidika, they made sure to reach out to the girl’s parents before allowing the girl to jump on the project. As for Vera, there were other models who could have played the vixen part; but they chose her since she seemed more available. Vera Sidika said;

The 19 year old vixen

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“We talked to the person she referred to as the mother and even sought permission for her. My PA and I picked her at home during the day of the shoot and dropped her back home. The thing is we had many models who are interested with appearing in the video but we settled on her as she was more interested and available. We had also known her for some days so it was easy to work with her,”

About the Sh5,000, Vera went on to reveal that there was no payment plan; but the small cash was a token to say thank you and appreciate the lass.

“The truth is that there was no pay agreement plan. The cash I gave her was a token to appreciate her good work. Besides, if they were not happy with that, why didn’t they reverse the cash? There is no standard amount that models should be paid. Most times, models do it for fame and not money. I was once there and I know it so well,”




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