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Vera Sidika Explains Why She Planned And Paid For Her Own Baby Shower

October 13, 2021 at 06:32
Vera Sidika Explains Why She Planned And Paid For Her Own Baby Shower

Vera Sidika is on the verge of giving birth to a baby girl anytime now. Some are exuberant over this, while others are not. Well, either way, Vera remains optimistic about giving birth to a healthy bouncing baby girl this month.

Vera can’t keep calm over her unborn daughter as she gushes over her occasionally; stating how she’ll give her a sumptuous lifestyle. And from her colorful baby shower held on 10th October, it’s evident that the latter is true.  Normally, baby showers are arranged by friends of the expectant woman; without her necessarily being involved too much.

But for Vera, all hands on deck is not her thing. Even though she had her friends do the arrangement for her; she opted not to wait for them.

Genuine Friends


Vera and Corazon at her gender-reveal party-Google

Vera explains on her Instagram stories that her friend Risper Faith had made all arrangements for her; which she turned down. Why?

Well, according to Vera, she claims that she enjoys doing her things all by herself;

”On Friday 11 PM I got added to a group I knew absolutely nothing about! It had been tagged, Vera Sidika baby shower. Now, Risper being a sweet one felt the need to bring all friends together to do something behind my back…

I have always refused to be done for surprise parties. I said this here million times; nope. I plan my own s**t!! ”

Vera however, appreciated the fact that Risper showed commitment in making arrangements for her baby shower;

”I was honestly shocked coz first, nobody does anything for me.😫🥺 I’m always the one doing things for people. So it really touched me. As much as I said I don’t want it, I felt cared for…”






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