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Vera Sidika finds new love after Otile accused her of aborting his pregnancy?

September 17, 2018 at 08:18
Vera Sidika finds new love after Otile accused her of aborting his pregnancy?

A few days ago singer Otile Brown released a new song revealing why he broke up with Vera Sidika.

This was to help clear the rumors claiming that he hit and run like most guys do. According to him he sincerely loved the lady but she didn’t seem to feel the same way.

He went on to reveal that she apparently aborted his pregnancy for unknown reasons. However after Otile found out, he decided to walk out on the lady hence the message she posted on her Instagram page.

Vera Sidika enjoying life

Anyway despite all this, Vera Sidika has not said anything about the song Otile released. She however seems to have found a new bae who she now spends hours with on phone.

Vera Sidika hinted this through her Instagram where she posted saying;






  1. Alfred boy asuma : September 17, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    May the plastic used to make you swell and burst under this strong sun rays. Wewe utakua ukichange boyfriends like cloths?? Otile was the best boy na umemwacha. Ooh God take vera as live offering and give us rihana.

  2. waaah!!!thats part of life otile,,,wengi tushazoea bt usijali huyo akuwa ubavu wako

  3. Ukiwachwa achika upeane nafasi kwa wenzio

  4. She’s not the type ya kubeba ball priss….asiharibu shape!!!

  5. Onyali…kwani uyo in dem unaexpect abebebol yako?pambana na halo yako sasa

  6. hit and run men will always have an excuse to give..
    don’t put all the blames kwa vera

  7. Anaabort ndo asiharibu shape.mscheeeew shame on her ??

  8. sometimes umdhaniaye ndiye siye

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