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Vera Sidika flaunts her mega house and high-end car

June 19, 2019 at 12:23
Vera Sidika flaunts her mega house and high-end car

Vera Sidika is without a doubt swimming in money after putting up a series of photos of her mega house and high-end car on social media.

On Tuesday, up on her Insta stories, the socialite posts a video of her flashy Range Rover packed outside her luxurious compound.


Before getting in and driving off.

Having made a name for herself, it is clear the self-declared Boss wants to make a statement.

This comes just days after she put up videos and photos of her flashy mansion suspected to be located in Kitisuru.

It might be a competition to show off who is mighter.

Since Huddah Monroe recently put on sale her Ksh 60 Million bungalow located in Runda.

The two are close rivals both in the industry of business and being a Socialite.




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