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Vera Sidika Flaunts Luxurious Gifts Bought For Her Unborn Baby (Videos)

October 14, 2021 at 14:36
Vera Sidika Flaunts Luxurious Gifts Bought For Her Unborn Baby (Videos)

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Vera Sidika can’t stop bashing haters for criticizing her pregnancy since unveiling it on June 16th this year. To Vera’s chagrin, some of her fans don’t stop at any cost to a****k and scold her whenever she makes a move.

Vera SidikaIn her recent grand baby shower, Vera was forced to address a couple of rumored issues that circulated the internet. To begin with, Vera had to reveal how much money she splashed on making the baby shower a success. This was after some people allegedly termed her as broke.

Vera however, hit back at them and wrote on her IG;

“Tell me how can a Human being like me Use Sj113, 00 that did ask for. To throw a fancy Baby shower party that cost me over Sh800K. Since you all saying Watu walichanga pesa za BABY shower. Event planner alone has to be booked couple of weeks before event dates in this week season…how do you think 100K given on 9gh October 12pm as a surprise from friends can plan a fancy BABY shower”

On the flipside, friends who graced her self-arranged splendid party showered her with sumptuous gifts. Vera couldn’t hide her joy as she flaunted the gifts on her Instagram. Her hubby Brown Mauzo made a bigger move as he gifted her with a land title deed.
Some of the celebrities who attended the party included Eric Omondi, Krispah, Bahati, his wife Diana Marua, Risper Faith, among others.
Vera also stated that she planned the event herself to avoid un-invited guests.
For now, Vera is set to give birth any day this month.
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