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Vera Sidika is reinventing herself and is smart for using a relationship

October 05, 2020 at 09:47
Vera Sidika is reinventing herself and is smart for using a relationship

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo are the stuff of romantic gossip as the two seem to be not only doubling down on their relationship but ratcheting up the stakes as they announced their engagement. The news was greeted by optimism and scepticism in equal measure. For some, it is proof that former trollops can find love too. To other, more sensible individuals, it is proof that men aren’t just gullible but willfully ignorant.

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And that was before we were greeted by the news that Brown Mauzo is a father who walked out on his child and partner (her account of events). And this fanned a blistering wave of hate and indignation towards him but at the end of the day, he seems happy with Vera Shikwekwe Sidika.

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika engaged to Brown Mauzo

But the real genius in this entire affair is Vera. The socialite who has been exposed by past Johns whom she would frequently service in Dubai is doing everything in her power to change the narrative associated with her and rather than working hard, she is working smart.

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You see, in a conservative and hypocritical nation like Kenya, marriage works to uplift the status of both the man and the woman. It elevates men from the muck of being bachelors, forever being associated with being irresponsible or being incorrigible poon hounds. Bachelors are assumed to be harbingers of degeneracy yet we see on a daily basis that it is married men who are indulging in vice.

Vera Sidika

Businesswoman, Vera Sidika

The same can be said for women. Single women are seen as loose at best, trollops at worst. Interestingly, in this matter, Vera Sidika actually works to create that assumption. She is not the type of woman I would advise a married lady to leave unattended around their husband. And she is aware that the fastest and most efficient way to actually change her public image is to settle down and get married. She, after all, is at the twilight of her chosen profession and life will still have to go on once she can no longer attract the big meal ticket clients.

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The only flaw to Vera Sidika’s plan is the fact that she did little scouting to look for a mark. She should have chosen a safe option. An accountant or something of the sort. Someone who would be willing to rush into a marriage with such a celebrated “celebrity”. Instead, she went for a ma who has fashioned himself as an incorrigible womanizer. A man who is reported to have left his wife and child. And that undoes anything she is trying to achieve because now she is just seen as a home-wrecker.

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