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Vera Sidika Shouts Back At Fans Claiming Her Baby Will Turn Out To Be Dark-Skinned

September 13, 2021 at 06:42
Vera Sidika Shouts Back At Fans Claiming Her Baby Will Turn Out To Be Dark-Skinned

Vera Sidika’s baby fever is on the rise as the flamboyant socialite keeps reiterating her interest on getting more babies sooner than she expects. Heavily pregnant Vera has been flaunting her baby bump on social media ever since she divulged her pregnancy to the public on June 16 this year.

Vera and her hubby Brown Mauzo expecting-Google

Vera is now 8 months pregnant and only has a month to go before the arrival of her long-awaited daughter.

There has been huge criticisms on how Vera’s daughter will turn out. Because of her bleaching, some of her fans believe that the baby will be dark-skinned; even though she chose to have a baby with Brown Mauzo (who is light-skinned).

This however, is a trivial issue to Vera and does not bug her. The curvy entrepreneur believes that dark skin babies are the best; and she will invest heavily on her despite her complexion.

Vera Vs Fans

Taking to her Instagram, she bashed a section of the fans; adding that she’ll not tire to flaunt her baby.

” I post my pregnancy every 3-5 business days hadi mnasema mmechokaa. Then u think I will hide my baby coz she will be black like charcoal.😂🤣. Y’all not ready. If u think I show off my pregnancy. Then wait for my baby… My IG will be overtaken by pictures of her…”

Ata atoke vipi, that’s mine and very much mine…

Vera continued to state that if she wanted light-skinned babies, she would date a ‘mzungu’ and have a kid with them, or buy from a sperm bank;

”If I wanted a white baby I would date a white man or just pay a few thousands of dollars to a sperm bank and choose the whitest sperm available…”




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