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Vera Sidika’s alleged boyfriend Calisah wins Mister Africa International 2018 pageant (Photos)

December 04, 2018 at 11:03
Vera Sidika's alleged boyfriend Calisah wins Mister Africa International 2018 pageant (Photos)

Vera Sidika and Calisah set tongue wagging sometimes in October when they showed public display of affection weeks after the bootyful socialite broke up with Otile Brown.

Vera even bought Calisah a Mercedes Benz, even though it was later revealed that their love affair and everything they did were just a publicity stunt.

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Well, Calisha’s career received a major boost after the flirtation with Vera. The Tanzanian model has won a continental pageant.

Mister Africa

Calisah is the winner of Mister Africa International 2018, the pageant was held in Lagos, Nigeria and it drew contestants from across the continent.





  1. All the best Calisah

  2. He should stay away from Vera, before he is ashamed

  3. Who told this idiots life is all about sex and body building idiots.she can’t be a wife material

    • Wasting God given energy with secular matters instead of worshipping the giver. All that earthly pleasure will vanish within few days. Use that Energy to serve God.

  4. Vera is a money eater leave her away.

  5. Hey u bro,they say a wise man learns from others mistakes.but a full learns from his own ….

  6. OBARA INNOCENT : December 5, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    too handsome for vera.get a humble chick from ushago

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