Vera Sidika’s message to Zari after her ex husband got admitted to hospital

May 19, 2017 at 09:34
Vera Sidika's message to Zari after her ex husband got admitted to hospital

Vera Sidika is proving to be a good friend to Zari Hassan as she recently posted a message encouraging the boss lady who is currently having a hard time seeing the father of her 3 sons battling to stay alive after suffering a heart attack that saw him get admitted to the ICU on Monday.

Ivan fighting for his life

Ivan fighting for his life

Zaria and Ivan’s  friends have been sending in messages to their family hoping that the Rich gang leader would get better soon. However, Vera’s message came at a time no one was expecting it and just like any good friend, the kenyan socialite offered her prayers to the two through her Instagram story catching the attention of many.

Not that they are really close friends but it is quite interesting seeing how the Kenyan socialite still holds on the few times she has spent with Zari. Anyway she wrote saying,

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