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Victor Wanyama’s lawsuit against Shakilla takes an interesting turn after recent expose

October 16, 2020 at 09:08
Victor Wanyama’s lawsuit against Shakilla takes an interesting turn after recent expose

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Victor Wanyama had threatened to take legal action against teen socialite Shakilla and her counterpart Xtian Dela after being romantically linked to the 19-year old in false allegations.

Yesterday, word was rife that the expected lawsuit was already taking shape with a court hearing on the same, scheduled for November 10, 2020.

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According to the legal document that is now making rounds, the suit was filed at Milimani Law courts, over defamation by the lass and the blogger on the International football star’s brand, during an Instagram Live early in the month.

Victor Wanyama’s alleged lawsuit against Shakilla and Xtian Dela

However, details now emerge that the legal document in question is actually a fraud.

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Shakilla responds to lawsuit allegations

This is after a dear Shakilla promptly responded to the news with screenshots of her private chats with one ‘Kivisu Amos Mutambu who alleged to be an authorized court server, only to turn out a hoax.

Shakilla responds to lawsuit

So what happened, the lass received several court documents in PDF, complete with emblems of Kenyas judiciary, a couple days back from Amos via WhatsApp.

Documents that made reference to her expected lawsuit from Victor Wanyama, thereafter contacting her lawyer only for Amos number to have been turned off.

Shakilla responds to lawsuit

Tables turn

October 11, Shakilla claims to have turned up at Milimani Law Courts only to be told that the documents did not come from there.

Shakilla responds to lawsuit

An alleged lawsuit that has had tables turned on the mysterious Amos’ after the location indicated on the document ended up being an electronic retail shop.

“The Amos is being looked for by the police for impersonating the government and the law,” stated Shakilla.

Shakilla responds to lawsuit

Well, this has only turned into a mess, clearly.

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