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Victoria Kimani throws shade at two faced fans judging her projects with Nigeria artists!

February 23, 2018 at 10:29
Victoria Kimani throws shade at two faced fans judging her projects with Nigeria artists!

Victoria Kimani will not be playing the polite girl anymore; she is fed up with the two faced comments from fans claiming she is not patriotic.

The singer shared her opinion through her twitter page urging fans to stop pretending they care about Kenyan music; wherelse they are the first ones to support Nigerian concerts held in the country.

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I care less about your comments

For her, it doesn’t matter anymore whether they accept her as a Kenyan artist – building her brand differently as she cannot make everyone happy.

This is because either way she will always be judged for working with Nigerians; but when boy bands do it they are applauded for it.

Though this is not the first time Victoria Kimani is defending herself, I can bet it won’t be the last either!

With all this said and done… it’s sad to see that Victoria Kimani has actually paved a way for many Kenyans to land collaborations with continental artists.

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  1. hehe true dat

  2. charity begins at home

  3. we should begin by supporting our own

  4. tell them girl

  5. well said

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    […] truth be told, a lady has to do what she has to do to keep her money flowing in. Even though some assume that she is not patriotic, this is because her level of music is way at the top and this because she worked hard to get where […]

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