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Video of a lady twerking on Bridget Achieng’s face raises eyebrows, when did it all get ratchet?

May 17, 2017 at 14:26
Bridget Achieng

Nairobi Diaries has opened our eyes on some of the events that go down right below our noses. If it’s learning something something I can say that we have learnt on how hard these socialites struggle to get where they are and that they all love picking unnecessary fights just to get the attention they crave for.

Well, on the positive side…let us say they educating young girls on the importance of hard to get that good stress-free life but this only happens once in a while.

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Fans have however left wondering how ratchet the show keeps getting after a short clip of the latest episode was uploaded on the Nairobi Diaries official Instagram page. The lovely Bridget Achieng is seen getting a lap dance at a renown club in Nairobi and judging from how the dancer was putting her ‘assets’ on the ladies face one can’t help but question the type of content the show is now putting on our television sets.

Though there are some who enjoy such things, I am not sure whether this is what we want to be promoting judging from the number of under age kids who stay up watching television with no supervision. Anyway, checkout the video below courtesy of the lady who was getting the lap dance on her face, Bridget Achieng.


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