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Official video of Kenyan MPs participating in ‘Jerusalema Challenge’ released

October 21, 2020 at 12:15
Official video of Kenyan MPs participating in 'Jerusalema Challenge' released

The awaited video of Kenyan politicians dancing to the ‘Jerusalama’ hit song has finally been uploaded on their Kenya’s National Assembly YouTube.

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This comes just a few weeks after Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo proposed this motion in parliament; hoping to be the first parliament in the world to take part in the challenge. And for a minute many assumed that this could not work; until the video finally surfaced on online on Wednesday, 21 October.

Probably because this challenge had already been exhausted by many judging from the many videos of the challenge circulating on social media.

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Kenyan politicians participate in Jerusalema video

Anyway, whether you like it or not, Kenyan politicians have gone ahead to release a new video; showing off their dance moves in their ‘Jerusalama challenge.‘ In a video shared less than 2 hours ago, the many politicians are seen grooving to the South African hit song….. and we love it!

Below is the new video showing different shots of the politicians showing what they are made of.




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