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Video: Princess Tiffah´s intelligence and humor Wows the Internet

May 16, 2019 at 08:40
Video: Princess Tiffah´s intelligence and humor Wows the Internet

Diamond Platinumz took the position of ´father figure´ in his 2 kids´ lives but seems his position has a new replacement after Tiffah cries out how much he misses Zari´s King Bae.

Diamond was unfortunately too bagged up with his work that saw Tiffah cry couple times for being left behind by her daddy.

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However, seems the little one has gotten used to the routine and no longer misses daddy as much as she misses her ´Big Uncle´.

In a short clip shared by Zari Hassan, Princess Tiffah is seen asking mom why she is sad, who then responds that she misses her Mr M.


The mother of 5 then asks Tiffah whether she misses her Uncle and she quickly responds ´Yes´.

The little girl then expresses how much more she misses her ´Big Uncle´ compared to Zari Hassan.



Fans are amused at the beauty´s intelligence and sense of humor expressing:

Am sure demo is almost urinating in his clothes. 🤣🤣🤣we miss our big uncle he is a big one👌


Hahaha naye tiffa wefuze social media leero, yo so clever, I love you so much dear


Princess Tiffah You are the most intelligent little angel on earth. I just love you..

@ Zari your Baby is a blessing! ❤️


Such abright intelligent kid


Hahahah….tiffah so funny big uncle


Awwwww big uncle




Perfect tiffah


Woooow biiiiiig uncle 👌











  1. This is Zari just trying to hurt simba

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