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VIDEOS: How Betty Kyallo´s eventful 31st birthday went down in 4 parts

March 16, 2020 at 11:01
VIDEOS: How Betty Kyallo´s eventful 31st birthday went down in 4 parts

Kenyan TV siren, Betty Kyallo just turned 31 but it was no ordinary kind of day for her.

Away from the city noises, in the wild, just her and her photographer, she defined beauty in blue.

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As the weekend clocked in, Betty was quick to remind her fans that she was scaling up the ladder of the third floor.


Age 31 is calling 😊😊 Grateful 💕 #15th

Kenyan TV siren, Betty Kyallo

On the D-day, Sunday, the 15th of March, the K24 journalist decided to have it go down at the Amboseli National Park, donning a sweet blue ´gown´.

Topping it up with African ornaments and bare feet, she did look like the African woman.

Honestly, it was beyond anyone´s imagination, one of it´s kind, and unparalleled in the Kenyan celebrity world.

Being one wearing many hats, she penned:

God’s Chosen One. Proud Mother. Journalist. Entrepreneur. Mentor. Change Agent. Fearless. Bold. Rebellious. Kind. Non-Conformist. Titanium.

Media personality, Betty Kyallo

It was definitely her day, not just speaking of it, but looking like it, spending like it and commanding like a Boss!

She however did not fail to acknowledge God´s great input in her life this far.

Hey there 31! You look good from here. Welcome to my Life. Let’s have fun. Grateful to God Almighty for a full Life.


I am a leading woman. A Warrior. Turning 31 with a lot of lessons and a grateful heart. Future bright like the gorgeous blue African sky… When Great Minds Come together. Magic is inevitable!

Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo


The day probably started at the National Park before she decided to drop by Elroi children´s home in Komarock and celebrate the occasion with the young children there.

They danced, sang, laughed, and had a cake to celebrate the influential journalist.

Next on was an evening cake-cutting party by fellow youthful K24 journalist, Shiksha Arora along with friends.

She then decided to spend the late night at Thabiso Lounge with her girlfriends and it sure went down perfectly. They partied, danced, drank up and lit up the night because well, what are friends for?

Media personalities, celebrities, die-hard fans and her followers trickled a myriad birthday messages her way and she could not hold back the love that was burning deep within.

Happy birthday to the 31 year-old!






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