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Vincent Mboya Begs Jalang’o To Accept His Apology (Video)

September 13, 2021 at 13:25
Vincent Mboya Begs Jalang'o To Accept His Apology (Video)

Upcoming musician Vincent Mboya; who received KSh 18,000 from media personality Jalang’o only to turn on him; has apologised. Vincent Mboya shared a photo holoding a placard with an apology to the radio presenter. He also apologised to Kenyans, saying he will now focus on his life and musical career.

Jalang’o was caught up in fresh drama with the upcoming artist; who admitted he was using his name to chase clout.

Vincent Mboya and Jalang’o-Google

After offering to refund Jalang’o his donation of Sh18,000, Mboya claimed that he wired the money into the comedian’s mobile money wallet after he refused to collect it physically. This was later found out to be false, through Jalang’o; who confirmed that he didn’t receive the money.

“I have just spoken to this boy to stop using my name in his pursuit of fame! This is an edited message! I can confirm to you that there is no money he has sent me! Ni Ujinga tu,”

After Mboya’s apology, he is now begging Jalang’o to confirm acceptance of his apology and engage him in fresh talks. Speaking on his YouTube channel to the popular ‘Patanisho’ show, he stated;

”Mi ni mtu naskiza Patanisho… Leo hii nataka kesho mnisaidie tu niongee na Jalang’o. Na Jalang’o aconfirm kama amenisamehea…”

The show is popular for re-uniting couples who have been separated due to different reasons. Mboya is yet to hear from Jalang’o on this issue.




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