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Vincent Mboya Finally Refunds Jalang’os Ksh 18K (Screenshot)

September 07, 2021 at 12:33
Vincent Mboya Finally Refunds Jalang'os Ksh 18K (Screenshot)

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Kiss 100’s presenter and comedian Jalang’o has been locking horns with aspiring artist Vincent Mboya over Ksh 18,000; which was money donated by Jalas to the youngster to clear off his rent arrears. Upon receiving the cash, Vincent Mboya claimed he was belittled by Jalang’o.

Their predicaments escalated at this point; where Mboya wanted to avenge his dignity by returning the cash. While most claim it’s a publicity stunt by the lad, Mboya went ahead to give Jalang’o a 2-days time frame to pick his cash physically.

Unaeza tumia mtu pesa upate imekatwa na Fuliza?" Victor Mboya on why he couldn't send KSh18k to Jalas via M-Pesa | TV47

Vincent Mboya and Jalang’o-Google

But Jalang’o wasn’t down for all this. Addressing the issue, he claimed;

“You have my number, send the money to me. I bet there is an M-Pesa shop in your hood. Deposit the money and send it. I did not give you cash.”

Mboya went ahead to give the excuse that Jalang’o probably had a ‘fuliza’ loan; and that’s why he didn’t consider sending the money directly to his number;

‘Ningejuaje ako na Fuliza?”

“Unajua unaeza tumia mtu pesa upate imekatwa na Fuliza. Kwanza yeye mwenyewe hakunitumia kwa Mpesa straight, he sent to the bank…”

He however, re-considered the decision and sent him the money. He shared the screenshots on his page; adding that he won’t take any threats lightly.

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