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Vivian is back with a new banger ‘Feel Me’

September 11, 2019 at 14:19
Vivian is back with a new banger 'Feel Me'

Vivian is back with a new video dubbed Feel Me. She has been in the US for sometime now and it is time to feel her.

To start with, she has been an icon in producing good music thus selling Kenyan work.

What is ‘Feel Me’ all about?

In Feel Me she talks about a woman who is seeking for intimacy.

Also in her post she says that many ladies once married take a back seat when it comes to sexual intimacy.

On this one someone needs to confirm it. In short it is all about women taking ownership of their sexuality.

In addition, she says that sexual intimacy is a form of communication that reunites couples all over the world.

The video to this song has been shot in the USA. You need to it, it is super good and well done.

Vivian is back with a new banger 'Feel Me'

Relevance of the song

Most of the times we rarely forget that women deserve to be encouraged. It is a good thing that Vivian has taken a new angle for Feel Me. Most songs done nowadays is all about women being sexual tools. This is a great hit.

Fell Me has that lyrical prowess in it. It is very creative and every word in it is enough for the target audience who is a woman in this case.

We are going go analyze some of the lines here and am sure you are going to like it.

There is this part where she says maybe you can call me honey, mimi na wewe hatutengani and then there is also I wanna make you Feel me. This is all about what she is asking to be done to a woman. Am sure if you try this experiment things will never be the same.

In the chorus I wanna make you Feel Me is where the strength of the song is. Am sure by the end of the day you will be singing these lyrics in your head.

In conclusion, Vivian has done a good job on Feel Me with the help of Control Bwoy, Sam West and Zj Addikt who helped in song idea development. Also mixing mastering and production has been done by Ogopa Deejays. She and Sam West directed the video which is so good. Editing has been done by Elix (Rahim).

Last but not least, Vivian on Feel Me gets a rating of 8/10.





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