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“Wacheni Ujinga sasa. Too much acting” Bahati and Marua told by fans after Bahati’s cheating episode 

June 24, 2019 at 09:33
"Wacheni Ujinga sasa. Too much acting" Bahati and Marua told by fans after Bahati's cheating episode 

Kenyans believe Bahati and Diana Marua’s reality show has nothing to do with reality and is all scripted.

This is after an episode in which the popular gospel singer was accused of cheating by his PA. In the show, the PA approached Marua and told her that Bahati has been flirting with a certain woman who she has been attending all her shows.


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“We’ve been going for events and he flirts with women. There’s this particular chic who never misses any of his events. I don’t know how she usually knows where we are but I always see her. So Bahati has been going for shows with this chic. Who does bahati think he is? Because he’s a celebrity he thinks he can get away with anything? This is the last thing I expected to hear,” Emma, his PA, told Marua.

Fans in the comment section blasted the two saying they have turned their show into an acted drama seeking for views.

its_shannis Is this real ama scripted😂😂😂

.e.e.o.o.n Na si mumeiva ku act😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

janesjacindy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 emmah kazi kwisha 😂😂😂 khai Aih you guys leo nafeel kama nimewatch comedy . Been laughing all along 😂😂😂. Good job.👏 #bahatirealitywacha sasa tungoje Jaguar akuwe mediator 😂😂. Can’t wait for the next episode of #bahatireality. dope staff 👏👏

abed_stewarts What a stupid show… Stage managed..reality show.. Leo nilipata bibi anawatch hii upuzi nikapasua TV.. Pesa otas kesho ntanunua LG 64 inch TV..lubbish

Watch it below:


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