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Wahu and Nameless leave Kenyans tripping in recent Jacuzzi snap

February 14, 2020 at 10:33
Wahu and Nameless leave Kenyans tripping in recent Jacuzzi snap

It´s been a 2-day vacation that looked like eternity for celebrity couple, Wahu and Nameless who have been dripping some hot sauce online.

The ´Inspire´ hitmaker decided to have this Valentine´s season different for his dear wife, Wahu who underestimated his romance levels, because of his origin.

Well, an unbowed Nameless decided to thrash the misconception after treating her to a romantic evening dinner, followed by some spa and Jacuzzi treatment.

Wahu and Nameless having a couples´ spa treatment at the Bamboo Ocean spa, Pride Inn resort

The songbird was sure taken aback and beyond impressed by her daughter´s father.

Their Jacuzzi photo is what left eyes popping. Slouching back, rose petals passionately spread, wine glasses perfectly placed and camera in position.

Nameless gloated:

Gai… Nimeingia jaccuzi na kofia🤦🏽‍♂️.. ebu nifanyie favour fam, pliz juu mikono zangu zimejaa povu, can you pliz help me remove my hat by swiping left 🙏🏿😊…. Thanks .🙏🏿…. Aaaanyway😜…. It’s been an amazing 2 day Valcation … Manze thanks @mamutravel and @prideinnparadisebeachresort for helping me prove the “myth” wrong 😜 Viva👊🏾💪🏾#checkIGstoriesforProof😜😎….ata naona nikipakiwa suitcase kuenda men’s conference kesho… Nimeongeza Bonga point na hii trip👌🏾. Ama namna gani my frens. #campussweethearts #NiendeleeAmaMumekubali🧐

Wahu and Nameless treated to some Jacuzzi moments

These two lovebirds are sure chocking us with their love aroma. Happy Valentine´s to them!

Comment section

Excited fans could not just get enough of the view, expressing:

Vile tu ulisema. You belong to the Men’s Conferrnce. Ni urudi mbio bana…. You are the Keynote Speaker.


Wow ,mnakaa poa I love that😍😍


Mutarudi tu😂😂😂😂😂😂


Kofia na shades hadi kwa bathtub….manze tunakupenda lakini unachoma😂😂😂😂


u all having such fun..prideinn is magical. I enjoyed my stay there past oct..enjoy ur valentine’s 🔥


Yaani wewe ulidanganya wanaume ndio ukaanza vacay mapema halafu umalizie Men’s conference 😂😂😂😂





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