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Watch: Khaligraph Jones storms Mpasho offices only for a rude shock

July 05, 2019 at 11:41
Watch: Khaligraph Jones storms Mpasho offices only for a rude shock

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph storms Mpasho offices only to his utter disappointment

Seems the OG has had enough of media trolls after raiding Mpasho offices and warning its employees to stay off his back.

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The award-winning rapper stormed the media house´s offices demanding answers to publishing controversial stories about him, his family and music.

Just recently did the Kenyan rapper issue a stern warning to anyone stalking him and anything attached to him.

Unfortunately, like the paparazzi they have been trained to be, Mpasho was well aware of his intentions prior to his arrival.

He therefore stormed in only to be welcomed by empty desks and machines that had already been shut down.

After such embarrassment, Papa Jones decided to hail insults on the media house fraternity slamming them for fleeing the scene of attack prior to his arrival.

Majamaa awa mpasho Waliskia OG anakuja Wakahepa Ofisi, Wakwende uko mbali.

In a short clip, Khaligraph is heard doing monologues and calling Mpasho employees by name.

However, he still cautions them to tread carefully because he will be back.


Classic FM´s presenter, Maina Kageni expresses:

Hahahaaaa!!! 🤣🤣🤣 umechocha sana @khaligraph_jones …but you’re on the wrong floor my brother. Kuwa tu OG, nenda 3rd floor, ask for them before 9.00PM. Otherwise leave me alone, I am waiting for results from Lagos!!! @keepitkiss@djhypnotiqkenya #

Before Khaligraph replies:

@mainawakageni 😂😂 uko Juu nimefungiwa Elevator Wakanikataza Kuingia nikaambiwa wamejificha apa Chini but Kufika hapa am finding nobody, i will be back

He lights up the Internet with laughter after masses thought he had either lost it or he had actually come at the wrong time.



Chukua hizo laptop zao ulete tuuze mtaa bei ya jioni bana😂

OG alikua na mbogi😂😂😂
@khaligraph_jones Hapo ungevunja elevator juu wewe ni yule OG amekuja na uzito!!!! 🤣🤣🤣Enjoy your show kaka and see you soon!!! Si @mpashogramwatapenda hii!!!!!!
🤣🤣🤣wacha makasiriko

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