“Watu wakienda Canaan, mimi naenda Gatundu” Huddah publicly eyes Uhuru Kenyatta hoping to be his second wife (Details)

August 11, 2017 at 13:08
"Watu wakienda Canaan, mimi naenda Gatundu" Huddah publicly eyes Uhuru Kenyatta hoping to be his second wife (Details)

Huddah Monroe mistress of trades and controversy is no longer hoping to settle down with any average man but the current president Uhuru Kenyatta as revealed in a post shared on her Instagram a couple of hours ago.

Huddah hanging out with Raila

From the post it is clear to assume that the lady voted for Uhuru Kenyatta and her excitement cannot be concealed as she openly says that she will be heading to Gatundu (where Uhuru comes from) when others go to Canaan.


Huddah’s post

The captioned of her steamy videos to say;

Wacha nidance coz hatujui mahali Uhuru yuko, yet mimi nimeamua, watu wakienda Canaan. Mimi nitaenda tuu Gatundu….???. Mtasikianga tu “they married, and lived happily ever after” #secondwife #oldhabitsdiehard

At the same time the lady continues to preach peace especially now that everyone is eager to see who will be announced as the next president voted in by Kenyans in this past general elections.

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