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“We couldn’t afford Ksh 300 for rent!” Comedian Njoro opens up about his humble beginnings

June 21, 2019 at 16:09
“We couldn’t afford Ksh 300 for rent!” Comedian Njoro opens up about his humble beginnings

Churchill shows comedian George Maina popularly known as Njoro did not have it easy while growing up.

In a new interview with SDE Njoro went on to open up about his family life like never before. Njoro says he grew up with his 5 siblings in Nakuru at area known as London.


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Despite having very hard working parents, life was often hard and this is what taught him to be ambitious. He says his father worked at a construction site while his mother sold tomatoes just to ensure their children did not go hungry.

However, the money they made could not sustain them and often got locked out of their home as they could not afford Ksh 300 rent.

“I was born and raised in an area known as London where our house rent was a meagre Sh300 but my family was often locked out due to lack of rent.”

Struggled in school

He went on to add that getting through primary school also proved to be hard since he also lacked school fees.

“On top of this, my primary school fee was also Sh300, but would often be sent home because we could not pay. My mother Jacinta Wahu sold tomatoes while my dad, a casual labourer at a construction site, struggled hard to take care of the five of us,”

He went on to add that he got his funny character from his dad who is one hilarious man. Njoro also says most of his jokes are real life experiences while others are from his creativity.

“I write about my life experiences, things that interest me in relation to Kiambu, where I live. If an unusual set of circumstances arises or I learn something that I can’t stop thinking about, chances are I will try to write a joke about it. My father’s funny side of life is my second inspiration. He is one person who has always been real and funny at the same time. I write my own routines,”

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