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“We got each other and God gat us” Sosuun pens in a never seen before photo with hubby, Kenrazy

October 11, 2019 at 12:46
"We got each other and God gat us" Sosuun pens in a never seen before photo with hubby, Kenrazy

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Kenyan celebrity couple, Kenrazy and Sosuun is one couple that has confirmed marriage can work among celebrities.

The duo has been in marriage for more than 4 years, and still counting. Additionally maintaining their relevance in the lucrative industry of music.

The two have been blessed with 2 children so far but it did not all start just the other day.

The young mother revealed that their love and friendship has its roots in their childhood days, days when both were all rusty but feeling ‘sexxy’.

Sharing a TBT photo of their dating days, the beauty romantically captions:

Just two kids who decided to grow into adulthood together,what we have seen and experienced in life together is a whole book full of lessons although we never talk about it but laugh and smile with almost everyone we meet, take in both the good and the BS that is uncontrollable sometimes in our chaotic industry and careers but u know it is what it is baiby,we got each other and God gat us,through every single step i’ll always be here to back you up until we both reach our goals in life and WE WILL❤❤

Soon after, Kenrazy commented, promising:

Woooah , Nothing compares baibey #SpecialBond and we just getting started. #LoveYouAlways 😘 #WaseeWaPower 💪

A post that has captured the hearts of many, airing:

nazizihirji🔥💥🙌 happy for u guys ❤️



Wow 💯💯💯


hootmaggie Heeeeee hee 😅ata kama pesa n sabuni aki mbna mimi ijai niosha nkachange colour 😅😅😅,,


frankyromain An inspiration


jerajaber Dope 😍


grafixcoolkenya Blessings🔥🔥🔥

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