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We Love Seeing Flaqo’s Transformation

September 21, 2021 at 09:09
We Love Seeing Flaqo's Transformation

Flaqo is no longer a fat mass of funny and we love the fact that he has actually started hitting the gym. It is a lovely sight to behold!

Flaqo Shows Off Tremendous Body Changes After Hitting The Gym (Photos)

Actually, if we look at him as a simple, contained example, then all it is is a man who got tired of being unattractive when he was naked.

But when we look at him from the perspective of what makes men decide to get in shape, when we look at him as one of many successful men who decided to get into shape, then Flaqo’s transformation becomes even more impressive.

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You see, there are simpletons whose sole motivation for getting in shape is wanting to look good naked. There is nothing wrong with that. Live your life Johnny Bravo.

Then there are individuals who like the social media comedian did so as an outward expression of ascension. The funny thing is that not many people realize this is their driving factor. Some simply stumble onto it.

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In a shithole country like Kenya, a lot of people are geared towards making money. Once they accomplish this, they are sated. That is why we have so many men who believe that working hard and making money will give them everything they ever desired (but lacked) such as female attention and affection -they later complain that women are gold diggers or that their friends are fair-weather yet they led with their wallets.

Others still, simply chase popularity. What I would call status -having a recognizable standing within society that lends itself to social proof: you get recognized anywhere you go either because you’re a celeb or simply because you’re cool. Again, the thing about this is money too can buy it because people will always flock those with utility (even if it is simply to be used).

I Used To Be One Of The Most Bitter People Who Hated On Celebs For Not Helping Me- Flaqo

The final one is the hardest. Flaqo found that out the hard way -looks maxing. Getting in shape so you look good. Money cannot buy this. It is the easiest thing to attain but needs the toughest mindset: discipline. And if Flaqo could tell you about how his new body has cashed for him cheques his fame and money couldn’t previously, you wouldn’t believe him. It would sound too far fetched.

Flaqo’s brother Henry Newton

And yet, those who know, know. Ask Julie Gichuru’s husband. Go and ask Bezos why he and Zuckerberg got into shape. Money makes attraction transactional. Status makes interactions superficial. But looking good (being in tremendous shape) elicits genuine envy. It is on an animalistic level. Men respect you. Women admire you. Your business partners respect you because your dedication speaks to self-discipline and being self-motivated.

Try it before you knock it. Or you know, sit down and call every buff guy you see an airhead and wonder why your partner’s interaction with her personal trainer leaves you jealous to no end even though it is probably an innocent interaction. Probably innocent…

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