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“We took a break because we realised we did not have the financial muscle” Sauti Sol admit they are broke

December 21, 2018 at 09:37
"We took a break because we realised we did not have the financial muscle" Sauti Sol admit they are broke

Sauti Sol announced an ambitious project in November but they have not lived up to their expectations. The quartet’s objective has been hindered by lack of funds.

In November 2017, Sauti Sol promised their fans that they would be releasing a new song every month. They were to release a total of 13 songs by the end of December 2018.

“But we will be releasing a track every month beginning this Nov for the next 12 months,” Sauti Sol tweeted in November 2017.

Financial constraints

2018 had its own challenges even though the year is almost over, Sauti Sol dropped only four hit songs this year – ‘Melanin’, ‘Short n Sweet’, ‘Rewind’, and ‘Tujiangalie’.

On Wednesday December 19th, Sauti Sol admitted that they were too broke to drop a new song each month. Group member Bien Aime Baraza promised their fans that everything will be in order come 2019.

“We took a break because we realised we did not have the required financial muscle to keep up with the releases and push the project to a global scale. We have, however, signed deals with international record labels and from next year we will be back on track,” said Bien.







  1. I love the honesty, Maisha ni ngumu Kwa kila msee

  2. Kwa kweli that’s what everyone goes through…haina haja ujifanye eti uko juu na uko chini…jikubali ulivyo..

  3. Its OK to be broke once in a while because human is to error and we can just find solutions after we realize the mistake we did not to find much money to aid us I.e lazyness

  4. I like the way sauti Sol care for their fans ,and don’t feel ashamed to share there troubles with the public .May God bless u Sauti Sol and I know everything will be well come next year …

  5. it is gud kuxema tu ukweli

  6. Here is the leaked Imenti House s3x tape, watch it before it is deleted:

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