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“We want another one!” Sauti Sol’s free Live IG concert leaves fans asking for more

March 23, 2020 at 13:39
"We want another one!" Sauti Sol's free Live IG concert leaves fans asking for more

Kenyan afro-pop band, Sauti Sol decided to light a candle in the face of adversity by treating fans to a free Live online concert.

With a dreaded virus descending on the world, regardless of class or geographical location, life easily translated into a ‘caged’ stay-at-home experience.

That tells you something – No social gatherings. This includes live concerts from your favorite artistes that have since been cancelled or postponed.

Our Kenyan boy band, Sauti Sol however decided to do it differently after announcing a Free IG live concert to fans, from whichever location.

Kenyan boy band, Sauti Sol

Fans from across the globe were treated to a one-on-one concert with the music sensation. No tickets, no crowd, no struggle to see the stage…you name it!

It was simple: Everyone was a VVIP because the group was right before everyone’s eyes – direct eye contact.

Well, y’all are in for a treat today. Free IG Live concert, so no need to call a guy who knows someone who works with the organizer for comps. Everyone is a VVIP.

The rule was one:

 Drip is a must! You have to look pretty before tuning in haha.

Sauti Sol looking like fine wine

Sauti Sol looking like fine wine

The multiple award-winning boy band pinned it all to the need to cool down the heat wave that had aggressively struck the world.

Spread the good vibes, staying home doest have to be boring at all. #TogetherAtHome @glblctzn @who
TIME: 20:00 (EAT) | 17:00 (GMT) | 10:00 (PDT)

First move

Sauti Sol and popular DJ Stylez stand as the first artistes in East Africa, or even beyond, to have taken up the idea of a Live concert online.

Veteran DJ Stylez

Sauti Sol’s concert tagged ‘Together At Home’ kicked off on Sunday at 8pm and ran slightly over an hour – but felt too short for fans.

One held in partnership with World Health Organization (WHO) and Global Citizen.

With roughly 7,000 people on board, the audience got a taste of the group’s hits including: Suzanna, Extravaganza, Short n Sweet, Still the One…just to mention a few.

Sauti Sol

This was a smart move by the band following the cancellation of their scheduled U.K tour among other performances.

Excited fans could not wait. Unfortunately, seems it ended soon as they started, leaving fans asking for more:

_njue_ 😭😭😭😭😭 nilikuwa nasilimia watu hapo VIP, kidogo kidogo concert imeisha


julieochoro Mbona iliisha haraka hivyo☹️?


njokisabwa @julieochoro yes why @sautisol


njokisabwa @julieochoro we want another one 😭


kama_tamuI missed it 😫… please upload on your page if you can 🙏🏽🤗


stanchucky Aki i missed how can i get it


justanaverageteenagegirl Too short 😭😭😭😭


sharonndoigo Thank you guys!!!! I enjoyeeeed!!!


waiithera Sasa mulimaliza concert ikiwa katikati


lyaka_kristina Thank you sauti sol




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