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Wedding Bells! Singer Ruth Matete set to wed the love of her life this weekend

November 22, 2019 at 09:49
Wedding Bells! Singer Ruth Matete set to wed the love of her life this weekend

Word is out and Tusker Project Fame Season 5 winner, Ruth Matete is set to walk down the isle come this Saturday.

Of concern is her beloved, the man who captured her heart and he is not a local. Godfather of comedy, Mwalimu Churchill spilt the beans after revealing that the gospel singer will be getting married.

Further congratulating the songstress ahead of their anticipated nuptials, tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd of November 2019.

During his morning radio show on Classic FM, Mwalimu KingĀ“angĀ“i expressed:

I contacted the singer concerning the man who would be making an honest woman of her. I asked her if it was the man she had been posting regular photos of on her Instagram page. She replied in the affirmative saying that it was him. The manĀ“s name on his Instagram is Pastor Beloved James.

Yes, a Pastor from the Nigeria motherland identified as John Apewajoye alias Mr Beloved John. No lie, Ruth Matete sent the signs long ago.

The Love

In one of her posts dated 22nd September 2019, her message to her beloved, read in part :

As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray for you. That God will bless you with things money can buy and things money cannot buy.


In yet another of her Instagram messages dated the 6th of October, the gospel singer gushed over her man penning:

TisĀ“ so sweet

To trust in Jesus

just to take Him at His word

Just to rest

Upon His Promise

Just to know ĀØThus saith the LordĀØ

#Mapenziyangunawe #Yamenogea#I_like_the_way_unanihandle#KweliKweliniMapenzi

Plus, she got engaged last year.

Ruth Matete flaunts her engagement ring, put on in 2018

We wish the Newly Found Loves a Blessed Life Together.

Her man




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