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Weezdom finally begs Bahati for forgiveness as he hopes to rejoin EMB records!

July 26, 2019 at 09:14
Weezdom finally begs Bahati for forgiveness as he hopes to rejoin EMB records!

Gospel singer Weezdom has bowed down and asked his former boss to forgive him through his Instagram page.

This comes 2 years after Weezdom publicly quit working under Bahati as he claimed that Diana Marua was too controlling.

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Bahati, Wonder and Weezdom

This move however saw his friendship with the mama hit maker slowly fade away but now Weezdom says he was at fault and hopes Bahati will forgive him.

“Enyewe wasee I’ve been offline nikijifikiria sana na ata after @bahatikenya kunisamehea kuna vitu sijaweza mwambia Coz somehow I’m guilty. Lakini kuna vitu hazifichiki eg. Kama venye kenya yote imewitness akitoa #PeterBlessing from kazi ya security guard akajitolea akaenda hadi kwao home Taita Taveta na suddenly ndio huyu kijana amekuwa an overnight superstar #muchrespect. This has taken me while back vile bahati alinitoa mtaani nikiwa at a worse situation as a drug addict while I had lost hope in Music akanipea jina WEEZDOM. He literally introduced me to every media personality I know today Lakini ndio ujue binadamu ni binadamu hizo hizo radio station alinipeleka ndio nilienda interviews baadae nikamtukana. Mehn!”

Take me back

According to Weezdom, things have not been quite well for him, Mr Seed and  David Wonder.

He however wishes that Bahati will find it in his heart and forgive him for everything he said and did in the past.

But as the scripture says….. God has used Peter to remind me a lot about being grateful and I strongly believe #EMB is my home. Enyewe bahati hii ni kitu ningekwambia personally lakini juu nilijiona nimekua Celeb.. nilikutusi kwa hii hii public na nimechoose ku apologize mbele yao. I know it’s not easy for a Man ku put Pride aside na ku accept mistake, But even with your young age I want to accept you are my Father in Gospel Music. There’s a reason why God used you to help me and so many others. And Now as a #ProdigalSon I request to come back home. Juu ata tukijifanya tuko poa kwa hii social media na akina wonder na seed. Things are not okey juu enyewe kuna blessing tulihata juu ya kufight ule mtu God alitumia kutuinua tukiwa chini. I’ll be waiting for you ukitoka show yako Eldoret tuongee face to face. To @PeterBlessingMusicits your time! My Prayer is may God lift you and as He lifts you Stay humble.

In the comment section seems that some fans bought his statement however some saw this as a staged move like the Bahati Reality show.






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