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‘Weh dada mgumu kufa” Fan wishes death on Wema Sepetu

March 24, 2020 at 11:19
‘Weh dada mgumu kufa” Fan wishes death on Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu not only a sweetheart but one of the most loved Tanzanian celebrities East Africa has ever come across!

Despite all her past dramatic ways, Wema Sepetu still managed to attract a huge following that supports whatever project she is on!

Sepetu Wema

After learning how to tame herself, the actress and business lady seems to have changed into a different person who is not only focused; but admired by many young women who want to be everything she is!

Haters on the rise!

Even with a nasty past life, Wema Sepetu’s bubbly character continues to attract both loyal fans and haters; who are also supporters in their own unique way!

Just recently the lady went on to share a photo on Instagram only to receive what appeared to be ‘a death wish’ from a fan who wrote;

we dada @Wemasepetu mgumu kufa, dhoo

Wema Sepetu

Fans react

Being among the top comments, other fans went on to call out the fella, Geoffrey Emmanuel for wishing the worst on the Tanzanian sweetheart.

Wema Sepetu´s massive weight loss, worries masses

Among those who bashed Geoffrey is Wema Sepetu’s bff Petitman who clapped back telling  the guy he would die first!

Not quite sure why Mr Geoffrey wished death upon Wema just when she is ready to start her own life after years of drama, scandals and different partners.





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