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Wema Sepetu loves gay men too much that’s why I dumped her- ex-boyfriend

February 04, 2019 at 09:39
Wema Sepetu loves gay men too much that's why I dumped her- ex-boyfriend

Wema Sepetu’s ex-lover Patrick Christopher better known as PCK, has revealed one of the main reasons he had to part ways with her.

Rumors first indicated that he was kicked out of Sepetu’s house by her mother Mariam Sepetu last October for being allegedly a leech and having been officially introduced to the family, but according to PCK, the real reason why he ended the relationship is because Wema loves gay guys and was childish.

“Mahusiano yalikuwepo nimetembea naye muda mrefu sana ila nikaona at the end of the day utoto mwingi kesho utamwona yuko na kundi la mashoga,” PCK said.

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Leaked video

PCK’s claims have come just a week after Wema introduced her new boyfriend Chrintony.

The Burundian man, who was planning to marry Wema as second wife, also said that Wema herself recorded her nude controversial video and leaked it.

“Kinachoniuma ni kwa sababu dunia nzima inadhani ni mimi niliyevujisha zile video wakati zile video na picha tulikuwa naye mwenyewe anapiga, video anajirekodi,” PCK said.




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  2. Matatizo ya tafsili alipo sema mashoga alimaanisha marafiki wa kike(he meant friends not

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