Wema Sepetu’s lipsticks banned by Foods and Drug Authority

November 14, 2017 at 16:43
Wema Sepetu's lipsticks banned by Foods and Drug Authority

Wema Sepetu’s lipstick brand ‘Kiss’ has been banned. Tanzania Foods and Drug Authority (TFDA) says the lipstick is unfit for human use.

Wema Sepetu has several hustles but her lipstick business was her main cash cow. 2017 has been a bad year for business as Wema’s products have been off the shelves while she struggled to prove her lipsticks adhered to acceptable standards for human use.

Wema Sepetu

The former beauty queen launched her lipstick brand in 2015 when she turned 26. Wema’s Kiss lipsticks were sold throughout Tanzania as used her celebrity status to promote them.

Authorities act

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and Tanzania Foods and Drug Authority (TFDA) stopped the sale of Wema’s Kiss lipstick brand mid this year.

The two  standard product watchdog recently concluded that Wema’s lipsticks were unfit for human use. They banned Kiss lipsticks altogether.



  1. This is not good

  2. Magufuli is bitter she joined opposition

  3. All those years,they just realized now?

  4. Tanzania is becoming the worst as time flys

  5. This has politics in it,its clear to see that

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