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Wema Sepetu’s rumored boyfriend finally speaks about their alleged relationship

January 13, 2020 at 16:18
Wema Sepetu’s rumored boyfriend finally speaks about their alleged relationship

Wema Sepetu is said to be in a serious relationship with one Hamdan Zakwani, popularly known as Danzak.

Wema Sepetu’s alleged boyfriend, Danzak

Danzak who is a pilot and an artist from Tanzania recently graced Kiss 100 for an interview where he opened up about the romantic affair he has with Tanzanian Sweetheart Wema Sepetu.

Just like most celebrities the fella did not confirm nor deny whether he is dating the actress however he went on to mention that what they share is in a grey area and only time will tell.

You know there Is black and white, that’s a very gray area, Lets leave it as it is, nisije nikaharibu bure. Me and wema are very close, we are like very close. I don’t know what brought us together but we really clicked and I wouldn’t love to lose her. I would love to keep her. So I would say right now our relationship as friends or even more than friends is very good so let’s keep it there,

The pilot cum singer went on to describe Wema Sepetu as a smart hardworking lady and is not near anything people say about her.

She is a very hard worker, she is a a very dedicated, she is very smart and I like smart women I love wise women and that turns me on than a nice sexy lingerie. She knows what she is doing. I don’t know why she supported me.

Past relationships

Having seen Wema jump from one relationship to another…there are those who see her as a not so serious person who would make a good wife.

However looking at the changes she has been making in her life; it’s obvious to tell that she learnt from her mistakes and could be ready to settle down for good now as a wife and a mother.




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