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Wema Sepetu’s warning to Zari about Diamond’s infidelity

September 18, 2017 at 09:09
Wema Sepetu's warning to Zari about Diamond's infidelity

Diamond dated Wema Sepetu before she dumped him. Wema was Zari’s biggest threat to her marriage until of course Hamisa Mobeto and Dillish Mathews came into the picture.

Wema and Zari have quarrelled and attacked each other on social media a zillion times. But their brawl in 2016 reveals something alarming.

In 2016, Zari took shots at Wema Sepetu in the DMs; she taunted her saying Diamond was all hers and sarcasitcally said she enjoyed whatever Wema was missing.

“Fake cars fake houses fake men fake everything but they r here to judge…yall look like u just had a fight with a tiger grrrrrr… we feel your pain Dee is a loving man. i know what u missing but guess wha i gat it all to myself. Sent to hell on a one way ticket buried 6ft under. #kasepa #HeIsHappyNow,” Zari message to Wema Sepetu read.

Wema responded by reminding Zari that she was the one who left Diamond and that she doesn’t miss him at all. She also said Diamond had several other women that she (Zari) shouldn’t be threatened by her.

Well, Wema’s warning came to haunt Zari in 2017. While she was still beefing with Hamisa Mobeto then came news about Diamond’s sexapade with Dillish Mathews in Zanzibar.





  1. Karma is a bitch…this is very funny

  2. i can imagine how Zari feels right now

  3. Hehehehe this life is not for the soft hearts

  4. Madem wanachambuliwa kama karanga

  5. I give up on this guy,unbelievable!

  6. Sasa chambua kama karanga Mondi Chambua kama karanga….

  7. Diamond u hv pple within your circle who are out to destroy your family and your future…why is it that every small,,slight move you make,,immediately comes to lime light???? even Presidents cheat alot but you can’t find anything evidence out there…I think Diamond needs to recollect his morals and start acting and behaving lke a married celebrity now…otherwise all this…..has been brot this far by your very close relatives or friends….it’s a shame…pole Sana Zari…I feel you….my advise to Zari, stay put,, don’t mess your family…coz of all the witches around you….

  8. its shocking how men cheat………………

  9. Waaah men are men;si mkenya si mtanzania;they cheat;diamond sang ati mapenzi mabaya kidonda na mapenzi si suruali ati ukichana utashona,uzuri ni Zari ana mali;angekuwa mnyonge angekipata

  10. I love Wema Sepetu completely. she reasons mature and today let Zari face what she thought couldn’t happen to her. No peace for the wicked

  11. Hahaha no advice for ****ty wicked people

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