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Weuh! Huddah explains why she cannot tolerate married and divorced men with young kids

April 01, 2021 at 10:15
Weuh! Huddah explains why she cannot tolerate married and divorced men with young kids

Former socialite cum business lady Huddah Monroe has been living the good life in Dubai for close to a year now. Word on the streets is that she is currently dating an extremely wealthy Arab man who continues to support her lifestyle; and of course boost her businesses – which is a win win for both of them.

However at her age fans feel that it’s time for Huddah to settle down and start a family of her own. But, they forget that this lass cannot do this by herself without a stable partner; and believe me – this is a wise decision.

Huddah serving body goals with new swimsuit photos

Speaking about settling down, Huddah recently confessed that she has no business with men who have young kids. Her confession came moments after sharing a QnA post where she asked fans how they deal with men who have small babies.

No married or divorced men for Huddah

According to Huddah these men are often needy and carry a lot of baggage from their previous relationships; making it hard for the new girlfriend to settle down – with all the drama from the ex spouse.

Huddah Monroe

The lass who will soon be turning 30 years went on to add that she prefers being baby mama number 1 or the only baby mama to her man; where else other women are busy fighting for the baby mama #8 spot without a care in the world. Huddah wrote;

I can’t tolerate a married man. Even one divorced with kids is kinda hard but some girls are like 3rd, 4th, 8th baby moms and they are okay with it; I’m very selfish I like being numero uno. Is that bad?





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