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What Avril’s friend Marya had to say after she announced her pregnancy 

April 17, 2018 at 07:44
What Avril's friend Marya had to say after she announced her pregnancy 

They came together, they “Chokozad” men together and now both will be mothers.

Singer Marya had a lovely message for her friend Avril who will soon join her in mothers’ club: It’s a sweet journey.  After Avril succumbed to pressure and finally shared her baby bump photos, her friend Marya, who she started out with in the music industry after clearing campus, sent her a message publicly congratulating her.

Marya, who has two kids already, is popularly known for her collabo with Avril called “Chokoza” released in 2015 that became a national slogan for ladies looking to flirt with men but later leave alone, leaving them high and dry.

“Wow you know I’m still speechless Yaani my gal congrats sana sana gosh I’m so happy may God guide you in this journey sweetie. Many blessings,” she said. 

Avril’s bump

Who’s the father?

Avril is trying to take her fans one step at a time. We all now know she is pregnant but what many are waiting for is confirmation that Jblessing is the father, just as rumors have been pointing out for the last couple of months.






  1. Alishinda akichokozana,sasa amedungwa

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