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“What crime did my son commit to be manhandled by bouncers?” Cries Shanty’s father during emotional interview (Video)

November 27, 2020 at 18:00
"What crime did my son commit to be manhandled by bouncers?" Cries Shanty's father during emotional interview (Video)

Shanty’s death was unexpected. According to his father Geoffrey Munga, he says his son was dear to him; a good boy who had friends everywhere he went; and not forgetting that he was his mother’s heart.

Born in a family of two girl, Shanty was the only boy and as expected he was adored by his parents; who are yet to come into terms with the fact that their son is gone.

Speaking for the first time through Jalang’o TV with presenter Ngina; Mr Geoffrey Munga not only spoke his truth but confirm his son was no criminal to be handled.

Shanty laid to rest

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According to the father, he did not expect to find his son’s lifeless body lying at the mortuary. To him sneaking out did not seem like a big deal since most teenagers like doing that. Speaking about this, he went on to tell Miss Ngina that at first they assumed that he had gone to spend the night at a friend’s house; but after missing for more than 3 days – he then knew this was serious.

Let the DCI use the evidence shared online

Looking at his face one can tell that Mr Munga was still in pain; but the father to the late Shanty remained strong throughout the interview. He however could not stop asking what his 17 year old did to deserve the beating he received from the well built bodied bouncers.

The late Stephen Mungau

When asked whether Bridget Achieng and the Nairobi Fest 2 organizers reached out as revealed earlier; Mr Munga denied this saying no one had reached out yet. He however went on to explain that he had no issue with her but being a parent; he needed answers to the burning questions considering the security she had hired.

About her threatening the youths asking justice for Shanty, the old man went on to urge the youths not to fear; but to continue seeking justice for the late Shanty. Watch the detailed video courtesy of Jalang’o TV.




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