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What DNG, Timmy TDat and Johnny Depp have in common

June 30, 2020 at 11:08

Afew days ago, DNG was accused by his former beau and bae, a lass who calls herself Fionah James of being abusive. The allegations came months after their relationship had ended when the scars of any such attacks cannot be seen by the naked eye.

How DNG´s severe beatings saw ex-girlfriend Fiona sink into depression (Screenshots)

Such allegations have become the norm for many a celebrity couple once they have split up with the female partner almost always invariably mentioning abuse as one of the problems that dogged the relationship.



While it is only right for women to testify their truths when they have been abused, I am here to argue that the “believe her” argument has been abused to no end and is in and of itself a problem. Why you ask? Because it doesn’t solve the problem and only normalizes physical abuse and battering.

The curious case of DNG and why your girlfriend is shaming him

Take for example the DNG case. Fionah James, an intelligent lass by her own right should have gone to the police officers closest to her to report the matter when she alleges that DNG hit her.


Instead, she came to social media to “spill her tea” to microblogger Edgar Obare. As if we are her “internet in-laws” or she would get some justice out of her revelations.


And DNG isn’t the only one to have suffered these unsubstantiated allegations as Timmy TDat too found himself adversely mentioned by his one-time paramour, Kush Tracey, of having gotten violent with her.

Kurukwa Kipetero Kiyesu! DNG dumped by girlfriend on social media

If indeed these allegations have a shroud of truth to them, it could be argued that the severity of the actions merits police involvement. Instead, we have to contend with petty gossip.

timmy tdat

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Have we forgotten also that in legal proceedings, the onus is upon the accuser to prove the accusation beyond a reasonable doubt?

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DNG and Timmy TDat have been exposed in the worst way possible because the allegations levelled against them cannot be proven. And if their accusers are telling the truth (and that is a very big IF) then they have done a disservice to women in Kenya who could genuinely be at risk.

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And when you look at it from a global perspective, isn’t that the way the Johnny Depp situation went? His ex wife Amber Heard went out of her way to accuse him of being abusive yet the testimonies coming out of court portray her as the abuser. One would wonder why she didn’t go to court when she claims the abuse originally happened.


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